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Bring together talent, process and digital.

Today, staying on the market without cognitive tool is very complicated. We are helping companies to evolve and change which is fundamental in this new digital area.

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Cross-industry expertise. Unmatched innovation. World-class tech and talent.

We bring it all together to deliver tangible business outcomes for our clients.

Tools & Processes

Tools & Processes

All this process begin with the problem identification (collaboration) and the software solution (PM tools & Slack). At this first step we find the right new tools, processes, and methods they’re going to deploy and replace their existing solutions.

Digital Culture

Digital Culture

The second part is transforming attitudes and ways of working for the people in your organization — the adoption of digital culture. A digital culture is one where the tools and methodologies of digital transformation can take root.

100% Maintenance

100% Maintenance

Once the transformation is complete we will continue to support you in further steps helping you grow further, to support on your new technolongies and be your trustworth partner creating lasting value.


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Provocative thinking, transformative insights, tangible outcomes.

Insight is a skill that requires creativity, persistence and deep thinking to craft. The most powerful insights come from rigor and serious analysis to translate large amounts of data into concise and compelling findings.

Think of the insight statement as the question, the idea as the answer, and the resulting product or service as the solution. Reduce the data. Increase your insight. Be a smarter business.

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Charity Landing

Reinventing BPO with Intelligent Operations.

Traditional BPO is dead. Yet the need to reinvent business operations is more paramount than ever.

In today’s digitally disrupted market, where traditional revenue sources are becoming more elusive, sustainable growth requires a new operating model one that's anchored around the customer and driven by intelligence to deliver exceptional experiences and outcomes.

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Integrate tech innovation into production processes.

Digital provides a goldmine of resources and tools to serve audiences better than the rest. It allows companies to change the core concept and practices, making it possible to rise above the intense competition their industry.

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  • Telephone Consultants

  • Developer [HTML]

  • NoOps [Python, .NET, PHP]

  • Python Software Developer

  • Business Analyst

  • VOIP Specialist


We are looking for 6 NoOps for our Tirana office.

Successful DevOps Engineers must not only possess superb tech capabilities — they also have to have excellent strategizing techniques. They enjoy collaborating with others and have above-average communication skills. They also are curious, intelligent and motivated.