We focus on the human element combined with technology solution, on how organization impact operating results.

That’s our comfort zone at Databooz. We’ve spent 30 years bringing the experience and innovation concepts to business challenges around the Europe. Our approach is designed to reduce complexity at digital transformation. Our priority is to improve our workforce performance through the research and development of new solutions.

Our vision

Databooz is a european brand founded at the end of 2017. We are owner of specific software and methodologies to support digital transformation project. This assets are strategic to establish the exact starting and ending points of transformation transition. In other words, we can mitigate all risks around Enterprise changing. In the past 15 years, we worked in all european countries in all sectors such as Financial, Public utilities, Manufacturing and Transportation.

We are able to provide to our customers, a full solutions to process digitalization named OBA 4.0. This is the key to exit from legacy paradigm (ERP, custom solution) to arrive at the present. Our business plan provide a growth by companies acquisitions with IT engineering focus. The areas will be south Europe and Balkans.


Provocative thinking, transformative insights, tangible outcomes. Be a smarter business.

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Traditional BPO is dead. Yet the need to reinvent business operations is more paramount than ever.

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Integrate tech innovation into production processes. Change the core concept and practices.

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Meet our team

  • Founder and chief visionary, Marco is the driving force behind Company. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the development of the software, marketing and the Customer Experience strategies. Marco (Rome, 19 July 1963) is an expert of organization and information engineering, with deep experiences in M&A, Turnaround and Digital Transformation. He is co-author of innovative methodology (OBA 4.0 - Open Business Approach) addressed to manage enterprise transformation. Marco has also author of other 70+ reverse engineering software tools.

    Marco Maola

    Managing Partner
  • He has a very deep digital knowledge. This is the add value from Luigi to help complex customer project during transformation process. Luigi is co-author of OBA 4.0 Methodogy and architet of Open Business Application solution framework. Luigi (Agrigento, 29 January 1975) was a manager of several research project at University of Catania with istitutional and private partner. In this position he has coordinate and direct project such as innovative istrument for distance learning; digital sign, classification and storage of long term document, Business Process Management ad quality assurance in Education.

    Luigi Di Naro

  • For over 15 years in Human Resource Management, she has gained experience and skills in the search and selection of personnel, in the planning of development plans and personnel evaluation, in the corporate reorganization (change management) in line with the growth and development strategies of the business and with trends in the world of work. She also gained skills related to regulations and contracts and in the management of industrial relations. Oriented to achieve results and team work, she likes professional challenges.

    Tiziana De Ronzis

  • Specialized in Financial Advisory and Accounting, Klevisa worked in the past 5 years on Albanian market place with Association of Albanian Regional Councils, Magniflex Albania and Prosound Albania. Albanian mother tongue and fluent English, Italian and French, she is a very add value to import-export knowhow about digital innovation, enterprise engineering and change management. Klevisa is a part of Databooz start up and play a primary role.

    Klevisa Rama

    CFO Albany

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